Monday, August 1, 2011

first vacation!

The Bug and I just got back from a little mini-vacation to visit my friend Kaity and her kids in Newport News, Virginia. My mom and I went down together and took a 5 day weekend. We split the 8 hour drive over two days because we weren't sure how Bug would like being in the car for so long, I'm very grateful we did. She did not like loathed being in the car seat for more than about two hours at a time and even then I had to sit in the back seat and play with her or feed her snacks. Mind you this may not seem so bad, except for the simple fact that I get EXTREMELY car sick! 

But we managed and we had a great two days! We relaxed on Thursday after we got there and just enjoyed watching the kids play together, then went to the kids Vacation Bible School performance that night. Then Friday morning we got up early to beat the heat and hit the beach for a couple hours. Then drove to Williamsburg to see the Yankee Candle Store and DQ. Overall it was a great vacation, Bug didn't sleep much and I was up about every 2 hours trying to get her back to sleep, but a good time was had by all nevertheless!

Bug playing with her friend Emy at the beach.
Us with Kaity and her oldest Lexi.

She loved walking on the sand and squishing it between her toes!
Haha! She splashed herself in the face!
We missed daddy terribly!

Two of my favorite girls, Lexi and Emy.

Playing at the hotel on the way home.

Bug kept giving kisses to the baby in the mirror at the h!

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