Saturday, August 27, 2011

Teething is Evil

I am so ready for this tooth to be down and to stop hurting my sweet baby! She won't nap today and if she does it's for 20-30 minutes before she's awake again and crying in pain. I have tried ibuprofen, Hylands Teething Tablets, frozen teething rings, and partially frozen wet wash cloths and nothing is giving her more than a little bit of a reprieve. I feel so awful for her and awful for me too because I have no clean underwear and I can't seem to even get a load of laundry done! Haha!

I've been successful in distracting her for short amounts of time with soft foods and loud obnoxious toys, but like I said it's only a short distraction and she realizes it hurts again. I wish I could just kiss her and make her pain go away but she doesn't even want to snuggle me :(

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