About Us!

On our first date
S and I first met in 2005 when I was living with his sister at college. She used to bring me to her parents house for Sunday dinners and I used to hang out with her and her brothers. S and I never saw each other in "that special way" until his sisters wedding in June of 2008 where we were paired up in the bridal party. Dancing together must have made something click for us both, because we went on our first "official date" two weeks later!

We spent most of our first few months together taking turns to make the 2 hour drive to see one another. It only took us a few short months before we were talking about a future, marriage and even kids. On Halloween night 2008 in a bedroom FILLED with candles and a bottle of my favorite wine- Red Cat- S asked me to marry him! I spent the rest of the night huddled on the couch with his sister making wedding plans!

We got married on September 26, 2009, just over a year after we decided that we liked each other! It was a cold day in September and drizzled on and off the entire afternoon, but it was the most beautiful day in my life. After our wedding we took a wonderful week and half long honeymoon to the Catskill Mountains in NY and to Watkins Glen NY.

We started trying to conceive pretty much right away. We both badly wanted children and S felt that since he was pushing 30 he wanted them SOON so that he wouldn't be an "old dad". It didn't take long... January 28th I got to see that glorious word "Pregnant" on one my little pee stick! I jogged down the stairs, pulled on my boots and winter coat and headed off to the barn to find my husband. He was just as shocked and excited as I was and he spoke the most beautiful words to me... "You're going to be a mommy"! I swear I fell in love with him all over again after he said that! 

On October 13, 2010 at 9:08PM, after more than 24 hours of labor and 6 hours of intense back labor our little blessing arrived, and it worth every single second of it! We had decided not to find out the sex of our baby until she arrived and we were so happy to finally hold our 8lb 7oz baby girl in our arms count all of her fingers and toes and call her by her name! Here's a picture of our little princess the morning after she was born.

looking down on our farm from our top fields
Our little family lives in a 100+ year old farm house in north-central Pennsylvania where S runs his families diary farm. Our farm sits on 237 acres where S grows his own hay and corn to feed our over 80 head of dairy cows. At any given time you can find a goat wandering around, a few chickens pecking the ground or one of our two dogs playing in the yard. Our farm is by no means state of the art or up to date; it's old, it's well loved and broke in but we do our best with what we have and enjoy every minute of it! Our kids won't grow up spending hours playing video games or on the couch watching t.v. but they will know the fun of jumping on hay bales in the loft or throwing rocks in the creek. This is our little piece of paradise, it's by no means perfect and I wouldn't change a thing!