Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ten Commandments of a Farmers Wife

Ten Commandments of a Farmers Wife!
  1. Thou shall love the aroma of newly mowed hay and the smell of cows!
  2. Thou shall live closely with God.
  3. Thou shall cook meals that can be served 30 minutes early or two hours late. 
  4. Thou shall learn to keep farm records.
  5. Thou shall be inspired to see the sun rise and relieved to see it set. 
  6. Thou shall learn to open gates and guard gates.
  7. Thou shall thrill at the sight of  new tractor and the birth of a new calf. 
  8. Thou shall cherish meals together, long waits for the vet to arrive and decisions about when to plow the fields.
  9. Thou shall not sort calves with your hands in your pockets.
  10. Thou shall love lunchtime when the smell of the farmer can be stronger than the smell of food on the table.
S showed this to me the other day out of a magazine he was reading. It cracked me up because all of it is so true and full of the many things I've had to learn since becoming a farmers wife!

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