Friday, April 23, 2010

DIY projects!

I have been working on a couple of DIY projects for Squishy's room this past week, so thought I would share how they were coming along!

These are some plaster-of-paris figurines I picked up at Michaels....

And painted to put up on a shelf in the nursery!

And this was an unpainted wooden puzzle. It's not going to stay a puzzle, I have other plans for it, but I'm not telling just what those plans are yet! ;) (my hand started shaking when I was finishing up the outlines on some of these... they're a little shaky!)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

At thebump on hump day (Wednesday's) we all post pictures of our bumps (Hump Day/Bump Day), so I will try to also make Wednesday's my bump day here in my blog too! I'm just a day late this time around! I was never a tiny girl and have put on quite a bit of weight over the last few years so I wasn't sure how soon I would start to show, but I think we can all agree that there is definitely a bump mixed in with all that "flubber"!

We had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. It went fine, just a normal check-up type of thing, pee in a cup, have your arm squeezed off by the blood pressure cuff, and let someone push on your stomach so hard that you think you may pee on them, you know just your normal stuff! Doc used the doppler and let us hear babe's heartbeat (which is nothing new for us since we have our own)! But the big news of the day is..... I LOST 2 POUNDS! I know you're thinking but you're pregnant aren't you supposed to gain weight? The thing about being overweight to start out with is that you are only supposed to gain AT MOST 15lbs your entire pregnancy. So the doctors told me that if I were to loose weight it would be a good thing, and Squishy would still be getting everything that she/he needs! So doc said he was very proud of me before we left today! Woohoo! Next appointment is scheduled for May 20th and at that appointment we'll schedule our next u/s where they will do the anatomy scan and make sure that Squishy is growing on track!

Until next time....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just found this on my bump account. I apparently wrote it a few days after we found out about being KU, so I thought I would share!

4 weeks...

Starting a little more than a week after ovulation I woke up with sore breasts. I've hardly ever had sore boobs before and was really confused. I had to sleep on my side at night because I couldn't stand the pressure on them if I laid on my stomach. A few days later I started feeling little cramps in my lower abdomen, and the pain in my boobs was getting worse. I started getting my hopes up that maybe there was a chance we were pregnant, but couldn't test for another 4 days (Thursday).
Thursday morning I got up and groggily (is that a word, oh well it is now) made my way down the hall to the bathroom. Pinched those keegal muscles to hold it in because I really had to pee while I peeled back the pink wrapper and uncapped that stick that just might change my life. I guess I'll spare the details of actually peeing on the stick and skip to the part where I put the cap back on... and the waiting game started. Three minutes.... now I have to pace the bathroom, my itty bitty little bathroom, for three whole minutes before I can tell if there's one little pink line or two. And as I'm sure you have figured out there was two! One was very very faint, but there was two lines. I figured that maybe it was just too early to tell because it was still 4 days before my period was due to show, but there was no way I could keep this to myself. Jammies and all I jog down the stairs, pull on my boots and winter coat and head off to the barn to find my husband (did I mention he's a dairy farmer?). I explain to him that it might be too early to get too excited, and show him the test. We jump up and down a little in the milk house, hug and kiss before I realize it's freaking cold outside and I am in my jammies!
When I get back to the house I Google "faint lines on pregnancy tests" and start reading, apparently ANY line, even a faint one, is considered to be positive! And it hit me, HOLY *** I COULD BE PREGNANT! To Wal*Mart I go to find a digital test, repeat the process, and start pacing the kitchen waiting for the results! 5 minutes later, hubby and I were jumping up and down again. Then the most amazing thing happened, S looked at me and says, "I love you, you're going to be a mommy". I swear those were the best words ever spoken to me!!!

I can't believe we're here... 4 weeks preggo! I am the most excited and terrified I have ever been in my life, and I am dying for Wednesday to get here so I can get to the doctors to confirm. Big Smile


Went shopping yesterday and got fabric to make my own Boppy covers... we shall see how that turns out! I haven't sewn since high school, but I was never that bad at it, it will be an adventure that's for sure! I also got these cute little plaster of paris figurines to go in the nursery and started painting those last night (pictures to come) and also stuff to make my own mobile!

Today I went to a book sale at a chruch in town and got a plastic bag full of childrens books! Squishy is going to have quite the library even before he or she is born! I guess that means I should get to staining that bookshelf my grandfather made me so that I have a place to put all of these books!

I am going to attempt to post my very first bump picture on here tonight. I can't tell if I'm showing yet or if it's just my "fluffiness" getting pushed around... but either way I guess it's baby causing it so it counts right? Check back later for pics!

Monday, April 19, 2010


I <3 this crib and I just thought I would share it with you... we won't be using that bedding but I love that it comes with the matching dresser/changing table! Plus the price is right up our alley! Wal*Mart is the devil and the love of my life at the same time!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Found this while "stalking" some other blogs and I think I'm going to do it every week to mark our progress. So here we go....

Total weight gain/loss:
Up 3lbs.

Next Appointment: Our next one is this coming Thursday the 22nd. I'm thinking they will probably schedule the anatomy scan at that point!

Maternity clothes? oh yes! Not shirts yet, but I'm only comfortable in mat. pants!

Stretch marks: had them for awhile, wont be able to blame them on the bean! Although a new one did pop on my tummy today, which is so weird because I'm NOT SHOWING!

Sleep: No more naps! I get about 10 hours of sleep a night, getting up about two times to pee before the alarm goes off.

Best moment this week: Feeling Squishy move (I think)!

Movement: See above.

Food cravings: I'm dying for the maple cotton candy I will get this weekend at the Maple Festival!

Food aversions: nothing, anymore!

Gender: It's hard to say. Some days I think girl and others I'm completely sure that it's a boy! Guess we'll find out when he or she comes out into the world!

Belly Button in or out: still in!

What I miss
: Wine. I am a huge fan of curling up with a good book and a glass of wine. And of course this week I went out to a concert with the sibling in laws and they were all drinking and I couldn't... bummer!

What I am looking forward to: Next appointment!

Contractions: None. And it better stay that way for awhile!

Milestones: Movement!
Yesterday was the first day of our 15th week! As you can see off to the right, Squishy (in case you aren't aware this is what we have taken to calling the baby) is the size of an orange! I'm not 100% sure but I think that I might have felt him/her move a few times in the past week. It was the oddest feeling but unlike anything I've ever felt before! VERY cool!

Fun Little Pregnancy Survey!
About Mommy
Name: A
Age: 23
First: Yes :]

About Daddy
Name: S
Age: 29
First: Yes :]

Finding out
What day: January 27th
Feelings: Excited, surprised, nervous, & happy.
Who was with you: I was alone in the bathroom.
Daddy reaction: Didn't believe it! Happy!

About the pregnancy
Due date: October 10, 2010
How far along now: 15 weeks & 1 day.
Any ultrasounds yet: Yuppers, two!
Heard heartbeat yet: 170 bpm!

Sex of baby
What do you want: A healthy baby.
When do you find out: We have decided not to... we're on team green (which means it will be a surprise!)

About the birth
Whos going to be with you: S, my mom, and possibly some others!
Going to video tape it: NO!
Natural or medicated: I want to go natural as long as I can, but I'm not afraid to ask for meds if I need them!
C-Section: I sure hope not.
Scared about labor: Of course.

Do you have a name picked out: Yes.
Named after anyone: Middle names are.
Did daddy help pick: Absolutely!

Other random Q's.
Conceived when: Jan 16th or 17th
Any movement felt: I think maybe...
First preggo symptom: Sore boobs!
Will you have God parents: We haven't really talked about this yet...
Are you ready to be a mommy: Ready as Ill ever be!

How I/We told...

Everyone usually wants to know how people were told, so here's those stories!

I told S just minutes after I peed on that very first stick (there were many more after that first one, I didn't believe it)! I went running to the barn, pajamas and all, to tell him. I found him in the milk house and was jumping up and down like crazy barely able to get the words out so I just shoved the stick in his face. He was a little confused at first, but when he caught on he grabbed ahold of me and hugged me! I don't think I've seen him that happy ever, a close second would be the night that he proposed! It was truly a beautiful day!

As for my parents... we made a huge deal out of it and told them on February 7th (SuperBowl Sunday). I started planning before hand and we came up with the idea of making matching t-shirts. Using printable iron-on kits I printed 10-10-10 on the front of both of the shirts and Mommy to Be and Daddy to Be on the back of each! We invited my parents up for brunch and wore the t-shirts with open zip-up hoodies over top. We were about 3/4 of the way through our meal when my mom started to notice. She was looking back and forth between S and I and I was pretending not to notice. Finally she asks "OK what's up with the shirts?" I told her that the back was the best part and she had to see it, so we both took off our hoodies and showed them the back. My mom read them out loud and instantly choked up and asked if there was something we wanted to tell them! It was such an amazing moment and they were so beyond happy for us both!

We also had plans that same afternoon with S's family at his Mom's house so we wore the shirts there also and went through the same routine. It was very crowded there but it was a mere 20 minutes before his sister spoke up and asked what was up. I shrieked "We're having a baby!" She was in complete and udder shock, screamed and hugged me back! There was a lot of commotion where word spread like wildfire to all corners of the house. I remember someone telling us that S's mom was outside having a smoke when we announced it and missed the whole thing. We felt terrible, but what could we do there were so many people there! They were all just as happy and emotional for us. We took time a little while later to call S's grandma in Texas and his sister in downstate Pennsylvania and a few days later made the trip up to see my grandparents and tell them!

Our families have been amazing and supportive so far and it's been so great to be able to share this experience so closely with all of them! Our baby is truly blessed to have so many people who already love him or her!

Ultrasound Pictures

Thought I would catch you up on what I haven't blogged about in the past 11 weeks or so... first of all here's the stick that told us so!

And here's our very first ultrasound picture! Taken on 2/25/10

So I basically have had no vomiting, other than a icky stomach bug in the first few weeks of being pregnant! My only real symptoms have been mostly tiredness, sore breasts, cramping and a few headaches early on. However I've been in the second trimester for about two weeks now and no more symptoms! Yay!


So I've been wanting to do this for awhile but for some reason or another it just hasn't worked out until now! S and I are expecting our very first child and we are 15 weeks along! We have been on cloud nine since we found out and are both looking forward to this journey through pregnancy and on into becoming parents!

My hopes for this blog is to be able to keep family and friends informed on what's going on since the majority of my family lives about 2 hours from us and we don't get to talk as often as we'd all like! Plus having a blog is a great way to keep not only a journal to track my pregnancy but also a way to let off some steam now and again! But mostly it will be about pregnancy! I hope you'll check back often and read all about Squishy right up until the time that he or she makes her appearance into this world (and maybe even after)! Happy reading!