Monday, October 1, 2012

Pregnancy Survey

About Mommy
Name: A
Age: 26
First: Nope, second

About Daddy
Name: S
Age: 32
First: Nope, second!

Finding out
What day: August 30, 2012
Feelings: Excited and nervous at the same time.
Who was with you: S and Bug. I peed on the stick and then brought it to the kitchen with me and left it on the counter. I had S look at it after the time was up because I was too scared to!
Daddy reaction: I told him to look for two lines but he was nervous and unsure of what he was looking at and told me I better come look at it! I just hugged him.

About the pregnancy
Due date: May 6, 2013
How far along now: 9 weeks & 1 day.
Any ultrasounds yet: Yes, we had one on the 18th of September
Heard heartbeat yet: yes and I wish I could remember what the Beats Per Minute were!

Sex of baby
What do you want: I won't lie, I would really like to have a boy this time. I won't be disappointing with a girl though. I just want healthy!
Are you finding out? Yes we will be finding out this time. S and I both agreed that we can't wait the whole nine months again!

About the birth
Who's going to be with you: Not sure this time around. Definitely S, but not sure who else because someone is going to have to be with Bug.
Going to video tape it: NO!
Natural or medicated: I want to go natural again if at all possible. I am however nervous about back labor again, it was torture last time.
C-Section: Not unless it's medically necessary.
Scared about labor: Just about having back labor again.

Do you have a name picked out: We have a big list, we'll narrow down more once we know the sex.
Named after anyone: Some of our choices are namesakes.
Did daddy help pick: Absolutely!

Other random Q's.
Conceived when: Jan 16th or 17th
Any movement felt: No, way too early for that.
First pregnancy symptom: I felt uncomfortable when I tried to sleep on my stomach.
Will you have God parents: We haven't really talked about this yet...
Are you ready to be a mommy: I am already a mommy, but I am nervous about having two. Especially in those first few weeks. I want to make sure Bug doesn't feel left out, or ignored.