Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blood Work and Photos!

Just before we left for vacation we got a phone call from the doctors office saying that at Bugs nine month appointment when they did her finger prick and blood test they found elevated levels of lead in her blood. So we had to take her to the hospital and have blood drawn so they can do a more through test. Naturally I was very nervous and made S take the morning off from field work to go with me. I wasn't sure how Bug would take it and I wasn't sure how I would take it either! 

Of course my little trooper had to prove me wrong! She sat there like a big girl with mommy holding her and watched every move the nurses made. When the stuck her with the needle I had to look away with tears in my eyes but not Bug, she just watched everything they were doing and never even flinched! When they were done the nurses put a pretty Dora band-aid on her arm that matched her outfit and couldn't stop gushing over how they never had a baby that didn't cry!

Here's Bug with her band-aid trophy!

Monday afternoon we went to have dinner with our neighbor and friend, Dee. She invited us and the in-laws over to celebrate the end of first cutting! We had an amazing meal and dessert, Thanks Dee! Afterwards we all sat on the porch talking and somehow ended up with an impromptu photo shoot of Bug! We had a blast taking pictures of her, I can't wait to get some of this printed out and blown up! Too cute!

Bug and Dee smelling the posies!
She's always biting or sucking on the bottom lip!
Pretty girl!
Sitting on Miss Dee's big rock!
Think she'll grow up to help me in the garden?
Rocking on the porch chair with MomMom!
Mommy's beautiful girl!

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