Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spaghetti, yard sales, and Aunt Sissy!

Num Num Num!
 Bug got to have her first taste of spaghetti this week! My goodness it was hilarious! Needless to say she went straight to the tub after she was done!

Yard sales are AWESOME! We were heading out today when a friend/neighbor dropped in and was telling us about a yard sale some friends of hers from church were having up the road so we stopped up and checked it out. So happy I did. We got K-bug a mini kitchen that's in really good shape for two dollars (it was missing one small toy) and we also got her a little toolbox where you bop the shapes with a hammer and it tells you the shape and color! They're so cute and she loves them both!

Of course her favorite thing to do is sit on top of it! LOL

This past week S's sister came up from down-state to help watch Ian's kids while his wife was out of town and she got to spend some time here snuggling Bug. They adore one another!


Aunt Sissy showed me how to do the "Itsy Bitsy Spider"!

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