Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Lots going on around here the past few days!

S's nephew has moved in with us for the summer. He got here overnight on Monday and is planning to stay for his summer vacation. S is happy to have him to help out on the farm and I'm happy to have him to help around the house! Haha!

Today I had the day off and I have been going since this morning. I went grocery shopping today to stock up (having a 15 year old in the house I know that I'm going to need lots of it)! Came home and dove into finishing painting the nursery! The floor is now done and tomorrow when I get home from work S and I will be moving the furniture up there! I cannot wait to see what it looks like! It hit me a little hard tonight that... there is going to be a baby in there soon. It's crazy to think that I have less than 15 weeks to go before this baby is here! Sometimes I can't wrap my head around the idea that I'm pregnant and that there is a baby growing inside me! CRAZINESS!

Once we get the furniture up there tomorrow I'll post lots of pictures!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yard Sale Buys!

Went to a few yard sales today and I think I made out pretty well! I got a Vicks Vaporizer for the baby's room, a wipe warmer (never wanted one of these, but for a buck why not?), crib sheets, a waterproof crib pad, a bag full of books, a baby book and my favorite purchase of the day...

Less than two years old, no rips, stains, or tears! The best part about it is.... it retails for around $269.00 and I paid $35.00! WHOOHOOO!!!

Look What Mommy Bought Daddy for Father's Day!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Appointment with the Midwife = happy mommy!

As if I wasn't sure enough about our choice to switch to the practice of midwives in Sayre, I am now 1000% sold! We had our first official appointment today with the lead midwife in the practice and she and I instantly clicked! She's a 100% on board with my choice of trying to go natural and she's also beyond thrilled that I'm reading up on all the different subjects and taking control of my birth!

She kept saying over and over again "we're going to get along so perfectly!" and I know she's right! She even recommended two more books that I hadn't read yet that she knows I'll love! And she told me that the books I've been reading by Ina May Gaskin are the best books I could be reading, and that she's not just saying that because Ina May's a good friend! My midwife is friends with the midwife who has made history in the movement of natural childbirth... awesome!

I walked out of her office today feeling completely confident in not only her, but our relationship and knowing that she's going to help me have my best birth! And also even more confident in myself that I CAN do this. I can have a natural birth, I CAN do this!

*sighs* I am actually starting to get anxious for this little one to get here! I want to meet him or her! October needs to get here a little bit faster!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Survey Time

How far along? 24w 3d

Total weight gain/loss: Ugh I'm not 100% sure....

Maternity clothes? frustrate me sometimes!

Stretch marks? yep. more on the right side than the left! :(

Sleep: Is ok. Not the greatest... I'm up at least 3 times a night now!

Best moment this week: getting our crib and changing table!

Movement: lots of it! I love every second of it!

Gender: Won't know until October!

Labor Signs: None and there better not be for awhile!

Belly Button in or out? In--but it's migrating outward more and more all the time :/

What I miss: being able to get off the couch without rolling!

What I am looking forward to: movement! and our doc appointment on thursday!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

We have crib (and changing table)!

Thanks to my A-freaking-MAZING boss, I got to sneak away from work today for a little while so that I could go to a yard sale! First thing that caught my eye was a put together honey colored crib. It was very cute but not the color that I wanted to match my nursery. I kept poking around and found some books and Baby Einstein DVD's that I thought were interesting... and then I came across the best thing ever! Crib and changing table! They weren't put together but all the pieces appeared to be there and it matched my color scheme perfectly! I talked to the lady having the sale, she was unsure of how old it was but was sure all the pieces were there and told me they were asking $50. I promptly scooted my butt across the street to the ATM and returned with cash in hand to pay her!

Take a look at my treasures! They aren't in perfect condition... there's a few scuff marks and a scratch or two, but I am in love with them!

P.S. They are set up in the living room right now because the floor in the nursery isn't painted yet! And even though the colors don't look like they match in the pictures, they really do IRL.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Baby Squishy's Nursery!

What it looked like when we started:

Mom Painting:

Finished Product:

I still have to paint the floor! We have a ways to go but getting it painted is a great start!

Let me also say that this room has a lot of history! Both of S's sisters have lived in this room at one point or another and now we're getting it ready for the next generation of the family to live in! Pretty cool, huh?

Survey Time....

How far along? 23w 3d

Total weight gain/loss: Ugh I'm not 100% sure....

Maternity clothes? just got some new ones thanks to the birthday money my mom sent! Most of them fit.... however I do have o send some back because they are HUGE!!

Stretch marks? yep. they are multiplying on my right side faster than the left now :(

Sleep: Is ok. Not the greatest...

Best moment this week: painting the nursery and feeling outside movement. S and my mom got to feel it too!

Movement: See above!

Gender: Won't know until October!

Labor Signs: None and there better not be for awhile!

Belly Button in or out? In--but it's migrating outward more and more all the time :/

What I miss: wine!

What I am looking forward to: Lots more kicks!


S and my mom got to feel movement today! Well actually S felt it last night, but isn't that so exciting?! He won't admit this but he even got a little teary eyed when he felt it! I can't believe that Squishy finally cooperated and picked a good weekend to do it! I'm sure my dad is going to be bummed that he missed it because he's been asking when we'll feel it.... but hopefully I'll get to go visit him soon and baby will kick for him!

Monday, June 14, 2010

busy bee!

I know, I know, it's been forever since I posted! Mom is spending a few days here and we've been busy painting the nursery! Pictures to come soon!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

1lb 3oz

Baby Squishy had his/her anatomy scan today! Baby weighs in at 1lb 3oz and is in the 75th percentile for his/her weight! I am going to have a big baby!

The tech said that Squishy looks very healthy, has good measurements for heart, bladder, kidneys, and head size. He or she is just a bit of a porker! Squishy spent the entire ultrasound using my bladder as a trampoline, much to the amusement of the tech! Mommy on the other hand didn't find it cute since I already had a very full bladder and felt that I may pee myself at any moment! We got to bring home two pictures (see end of post) and while S is very creep-ed out by the face shot, we both are already so very in love with our little one!

We celebrated afterword by going shopping and buying a "mommy loves me" onesie with bears on the feet, and a "I love daddy" bib that matches, in neutral colors of course!

I will admit that I had my moments of doubt leading up the u/s today that maybe, just maybe, I wanted to know if Squishy is a boy or a girl. However I am so happy with my decision to stay Team Green and not find out until the moment that Squishy enters this world! As a note to all of you out there in real life who read this blog, be aware that I have a bad habit of calling
Squishy he or him. In no way shape or form do I know, it just keeps happening and I cannot control it! It's reflex, so please forgive me!

And now for the pictures....
ETA: I cannot post pictures right now for some reason or another... please check back later!

Side of Squishy's face!

Looking right at you, mouth open, and waving hello!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

follow up on midwife meet and about our anatomy scan!

I am being lazy this evening so here's a copy/paste of a bump post from today:

This past Thursday we switched practices and met our new midwifes for the first time, it was phenomenal and I absolutely adored the 3 women! I was so comfortable with all of them and it instantly felt like the right choice! S thinks they are very "free spirited women" (which my makes me giggle, I think he thinks they're hippies), but he said he felt more comfortable with them too and that he was happy that I was happy! So when I left the office the receptionist scheduled me for my next appointment on June 24th and then scheduled my u/s for the same day saying it would be the most convenient.

Over the weekend it really started to bug me that I would have to wait so long, I mean I'm already in my 21st week and that would put me at 24w5d. It just felt like too long to wait! Even though we're team green, I still want to know that baby is healthy! So today I called u/s so I could reschedule and the lady laughed saying she wouldn't want to wait that long either and scheduled me for Thursday! I am so exited I can't contain myself! Big Smile