Monday, August 22, 2011

3 teeth, birthdays, and a black eye!

Yesterday my parents came up in the morning so that my dad could see K-bug. They played on the floor with her for an hour or more! She loved it! While they were playing K started grinding her teeth so Grammie stuck her finger in there and found out Bug broke her 3rd tooth through! She now has two bottom ones and the top right. She's getting so big, I can't stand it!

In the afternoon we went up to Aunt A's house with the family to celebrate S's dads 63rd birthday! (If you're reading this HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!) Lots of yummy food and a pretty good cake made by yours truly! K loves playing with her cousins, they have so much fun together, plus the big kids love getting together too!

A Word of Caution:  you my blog friends... never ever get in the way of a 20 month old boy and his  
flying plastic toy microphone of doom!!

Or this is what you'll end up with...

Haha! My poor nephew didn't want to share his toys and decided to chuck his toy across the room which caught me right on the bone above my eye! OUCH!

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