Wednesday, July 20, 2011

mommy freak out

So I just had my first little "mommy freak out" moment. I was doing the dishes, Bug had been in bed for about 2 hours, when I hear her screaming at the top of her lungs up in her room. I run up the stairs to find her poor little chubby thigh stuck in the rails of her crib! It looked like she had gotten in through while laying on her tummy and then had tried to roll over and wedged it in there. Really well I might add!

Well it's hotter than the eighth layer of Hell 96 degrees here right now so she's all clammy and I couldn't get her leg out. The stickiness of her skin was making it hurt when I tried to push her out, and she screamed even louder! I had a brief moment of panic, thinking there is no way I can get her out without hurting her, then I got my head on straight and grabbed lotion off of the changing table and slathered her thigh up with goop. After that she slipped right on out!

*Sighs* I felt so bad for her and like such an idiot for freaking out over something so little, but I guess we're all entitled to that now and then. After a brief nursing session she's now soundly back to sleep in her crib! I hope she doesn't have a bruise from me trying to twist her out of there. Poor baby, she was shaking she was so upset! 

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