Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I was just starting to wake up from a nap and the earth started shaking! I was telling S to stop shaking the bed and I looked around and no one was with me in the room. Ladies and Gentleman we just felt an earthquake all the way in Pennsylvania! CRAZY! Apparently a 5.9 magnitude earthquake just hit Virginia and we felt tremors all the way up here. Woke the baby up and everything she was crying in her crib.

Anyways, here's the pacifier leash that I made! So proud of it. Lots of posts to come this week on all the things I've been making!


  1. Love the pacifier leash! One of the things I never thought about before I had my own kids was how creative it would make me, but I've noticed that so many mommies have some serious creative streaks. It's like we unleash it when we get a reason to.

  2. Thanks Ann! Something has certainly been unleashed in me. I've never been much of a sew-er but ever since having K I've taught myself and I've been creating a storm! Lots more posts coming soon of the things I've been making. Thinking about starting an Etsy shop and selling things for some extra income!