Friday, May 3, 2013

Farm Friday!

I recently read an article in one of the several farm and dairy related newspapers we get that really caught my attention. I know that most of my readers wouldn't find it very interesting at all but the headline it what shocked me most.

The article appeared in a publication called Farmshine, the headline read: "We spoke from our hearts, as farmers" "Consumers were surprised that conventional milk does not contain antibiotics". The article was about a small group of dairy farmers from central NY that presented at the Just Food conference in NYC. They were there to educate consumers in NYC about where their milk, cheese and other dairy products come from.

Do people really not know about the testing our milk goes through, how it's processed, and that "organic milk" isn't always the best milk? Maybe I've been living with my head stuck in the sand. You can read the article in it's entirety here, "We Spoke from the Heart", I really encourage you to go read it!

I know I've never said said it on here before, mostly because I thought it was understood, but if you have questions about the dairy industry, how things work please come ask me. Email me, comment on my blog, comment on our Facebook page. ANYTHING please ask and I promise to answer to the very best of my knowledge. I hate to see all the misinformation that is out there surrounding our industry!

And because no farm post is complete without a cute baby! Here's one of our little bullies getting his bottle!