Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cloud Dough

Cloud Dough

It's so much fun to play with. It looks like clumpy flour but then when you squeeze it it's like play dough. It makes for a great sensory activity. We had so much fun, and I'm glad we did it outside because Bug flung it everywhere! I just took the hose to the porch when we were done and washed it all away. (Recipe at the end of the post.)

This stuff is so fun momma!

It's moldable! I tried to build a measuring cup castle, but Bug didn't seem to think that was fun!

Rolling it into balls was lots of fun though!

She even washed up the measuring spoons and cups for me when we were done!

My cutie hanging out in her jammies!

All done!

Here's the recipe. Are you ready for this... it's very complicated so read closely!

8 cups of flour
1 cup of baby oil

Dump each ingredient into a tub and mix with your hands.
Yep that's it!

I think I had as much fun as she did playing with this stuff, and my hands are all soft now from the baby oil! BONUS! ;)


  1. I will have to try this with the girls. Only two ingredients and I actually have both already - should be EASY:)

  2. Make sure you play too Momma! You'll have super-soft hands! If you're girls are like Bug and they fling things... I recommend doing it outside. I can't imagine what my kitchen floor would have looked like if we did it in the house. That is unless you have a wide shallow tub... that might work better!