Thursday, April 12, 2012

Picture Dump and 18 months!

Since my long time absence I haven't really given you an update on what's been going on around here lately. So I thought I would do a big picture dump and fill you in on all the goings on. Which I'm sad to say, isn't much.

My little farm girl in her bib's and boots!
March was so warm here in central PA and we took full advantage of it! We spent lots of afternoons out enjoying this nice summer-like air. Bug and I spent lots of time "helping" daddy with barn chores!

daddy and K in the tractor
All dirty after a hard days work in the barn!

Since we had such nice weather I decided K needed to bust out some of her pretty hand-me-down dresses from my friend Kaity! We particularly love this one!

If you look in the back of the wagon there's lots of clean clothes we took off the clothes line. Nothing says spring like fresh off the line clothes!!

Can you believe this?!? Bug finally has enough hair in the back to get an itty bitty little ponytail back there! Too cute!

Bug showing off her fancy new barn boots! Nope she's not a farm girl at all! LOL

She's recently become my little buddy in the kitchen. It can get a little messy sometimes, but that's half the fun! She's a very good at stirring and loves being able to dump the ingredients in after I measure them!

Can you believe that this little one is a year and a half old tomorrow?! It's insane. I can't believe it! My little baby is going up so fast and is turning into a toddler before my eyes! She no longer walks, she runs every where. She's got a huge vocabulary and is constantly surprising me with the things that she knows. A little bit of the "terrible twos" is peeking out here and there but overall she's a really well behaved kid. People are constantly telling me what a good little girl she is, it makes momma proud!


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