Monday, April 9, 2012

He Has Risen!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter! We've had a weekend full of festivities! Saturday we went down to Bradford County have dinner with my mom's family and Bug got to spend some time with my cousins kids who are around the same age as her. We had so much good food to eat and I think the little ones had a good time playing together and hunting for eggs.

Bug talking to her littlest cousin
All four of our girls lined up in their pretty Easter outfits

getting ready to find eggs with Grammy
She found her first one!
then another...
and another!
I was surprised how well she did with the egg hunt. I wasn't sure if she would get it yet, but she picked it up quickly.

This morning we went to church services with S's mom and dad and his youngest sister and her husband. After service we all came back here and had lunch with them all plus our neighbor. More ham and lots of other good foods too! After we were done with that we hid eggs in the yard for Bug to hunt, and her uncle too! ;)

I got my basket and I'm ready to go!
Hey look Uncle B I found your special egg for you!
found one!
here's more!
checking out her loot!
look at all the yummy stuff!
putting her money from her eggs in her piggy bank.

Before bedtime tonight K-Bug and I snuggled up in the rocking chair in her room and I read her the story of Easter from her Beginners Bible. She really likes this bible. It has colorful pictures for her to look at while I read the stories and they're not too wordy that she gets bored.

I think it's a great little bible to start out with, and as she get's a bit older I'm sure her interest will grow. I know she doesn't really understand what I'm talking about, but it was still a good way to tie Jesus in with all the "bunny" filled events that seem to surround Easter. I want her to know that while bunnies are a fun part of Easter, that's not what it's ALL about.

I hope you all had a very "Hoppy" Easter! God Bless!

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