Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Eggs with Kool Aid

For Easter this year we decided to try dyeing our eggs with Kool Aid (something I saw on Pinterest of course). I was a little unsure of how it would turn out and bummed that I couldn't find any blue or green Kool Aid at my local grocery store, but it turned out pretty good.

All excited about putting her first egg in!

helping daddy scoop it out

WOW Momma, look what happened!

Bug's pretty eggs

notice her red hands!

She had a pretty good time I think!
Now a few words to the wise about dyeing your eggs with Kool Aid...

#1. If you have a wooden farmhouse table.... don't do it without something to protect your table! Good thing I plan on re-doing that table this summer!
#2. If you plan on doing anything with your child in the next 24hours where it wouldn't be nice for them to by dyed different colors then I recommend waiting. K's hands were dyed red for about a day afterwards despite many hand washings and a tubby!

All in all I think our eggs turned out great! They were very colorful and vibrant. A few did color off in spots when I set them on the paper towel to dry, K didn't mind though!

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