Friday, January 6, 2012

Oh how I have missed you....

Holiday craziness... enough said! As I sit here I wonder how I ever thought I could sit down and write a full sentence with an almost 15 month running around like someone let her drink a pot of coffee.

I have no idea how I've ended up with a toddler but somewhere along the lines it happened. She's not just walking anymore, she's running. Words are coming out her mouth right and left, some are cute and some are making me think mommy and daddy need a swear jar in the house! She's up to 9 teeth and working on number 10 and in the last few days has decided nursing isn't as important as it was a week ago.

This is a big part of why I've been away so long. I want to wean, she wasn't showing interest and it was making me miserable and frustrated. So after consenting to wait until after the holidays to push the issue she randomly has decided to start dropping nursing sessions one after the other! I hope to God she continues to do so! I don't mind if she hangs on to morning or evening sessions for now but I'd like to not have a pointy-teethed toddler hanging from my breasts 8 times a day while I try to figure out times to clean, do dishes, do laundry, grocery shop... you get the point!

Meanwhile the farmhouse has been overrun with new and loud interesting toys that have minds of their own and like to scare the shit out of me at 11pm when I'm turning out the lights and heading up the stairs to bed! K  had a very special Christmas and we blessed with many many new treasures from all the people who love her. Mommy couldn't get the tree down fast enough so that I could have more space to store said treasures! The rest of the Christmas decor is still up but dammit that tree is GONE! Haha!

The rest my friends will have to wait until later because my mind reading child has listened to my thoughts and knows I was talking about how well she was doing with nursing and has decided now sounds like a good time for a snack!

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