Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

First and foremost Happy 4th of July to everyone! Hope you're all enjoying lots of BBQ-ing, camping and fireworks!

Second- I am a few days late on noticing this, but I just picked up on the fact that I have less than a 100 days to go! HOLY MOLY! We're down to 97.... AHHHH!! How flipping exciting is that!?

Third- Today S and I were visiting some of his family at their campsite, celebrating the fourth. I was sitting next to his cousin when she starts flipping out that she just saw my belly move! I starting watching it and BOOM! Just off to the left of my belly button my tummy was jumping! It was the coolest thing ever! I can't believe that Squishy has started to make my belly move.... I am going to be fascinated by this for awhile now!

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