Friday, July 16, 2010

"I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful, beautiful life"

First my apologies for not updating a long time there's been some very emotional craziness going on around here.

This past weekend, July 9-11th S and I flew to Texas with his brother and sis-in-law to visit his grandmother. She's in stage 3B lung cancer and her prognosis at the moment is unknown. We are very grateful that we got to go down there to spend some time with her and to let her have the opportunity to see the baby move and kick! However let me just say that flying when you're six months pregnant is NOT fun! Most of my trip was spent with my feet over my head because flying made my ankles swell so much that they disappeared! But I survived and all was worth it getting to see MomMom!

When we got back Sunday night though my left foot was so huge that I called the MW's office to get checked out. S and I went in around 10AM and they told us that there were no problems but to drink lots and lots of water and take a daily calcium supplement. So far the feet have returned to normal and I can finally walk somewhat normal again!

Wednesday night S's parents call a meeting to let us know that S's dad has esophageal cancer and is meeting with a specialist at John's Hopkins Hospital to figure out how he can beat this! We're all very worried for him but he's determined that he's going to beat it and we're all standing behind him 100%. So there's our craziness that's going on!

Oh wait... no it's not! Yesterday I had my 1 hour glucose test... you know that thing where you drink that super sweet drink and then an hour later they draw blood to see if you have gestational diabetes! It wasn't too terrible until it came time to take my blood! The phlebotomist missed my vein the first time and was poking around in there with the needle! He asked if anyone ever told me I have rolling veins... I almost burst into tears telling him "No! No one has ever missed my vein before, I've always been told I have great veins!" Finally a few minutes later and another poke he got into a different vein and drew the two vials they needed. GOOD GRIEF I WAS PISSED! I never felt so icky have blood drawn before!

So there it is... all the nuts-o stuff that's been going on around here lately. I truly hope that things calm down now... I need a break... as does the rest of our family!!

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