Thursday, July 29, 2010

baby appointment today!

We had an appointment this afternoon, Squishy is still measuring right on track! Midwife said that he/she is head down and ready to go (hopefully he/she stays that way)! And on the plus side, I've only gained 3lbs! WOOHOO! We also got our results from my sugar test, my numbers were 109 and they want them to be under 140 so I passed with flying colors. My hemoglobin and blood counts are also right where they want them to be, no anemia for this chicky!

Now we're waiting to hear when we have our childbirth/breastfeeding classes so we can get the tour of labor and delivery. I'm so excited to see what it looks like behind those locked doors! LOL

Midwife gave me a website to check out today... so I"ll share it with all of you too.

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