Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Field Widow

It's that time a year again, the time of year that only another farm wife could truly relate to... the time when you become a "Field Widow". What is a Field Widow you ask?

Well it's a phenomenon that occurs three times of year when the crops are grown and ready to come off the fields. Also known as first cutting (hay), second cutting, and chopping of the corn. Why would this make me a widow? Well, my husband starts his day at 5am every morning, he has a cup of coffee and then heads down to the barn, milks the ladies cows, and spreads the manure. At this point it's about 10am. I may or may not see him for a short breakfast, when that's over it's a kiss for me and a snuggle and some kisses for K then he's back on his way out the door. At that point he'll be in the field all day, mowing/raking/baling/wrapping. If I'm around I'll take him a sandwich and some fresh water for lunch and get to spend about 15 minutes with him. About 4:45pm he'll come back in the door, wash his hands and face shovel dinner in his mouth, kiss K and I again and back out the door he goes for night milking. This usually takes until about 8pm. Sometimes this is the end of his day but if Mother Nature is calling for bad weather the next day, then sometimes he's back out in the fields again til dark getting the last of the hay cut/baled/wrapped!

This ladies and gentlemen, sucks! He's exhausted, stinky and sunburned when I finally see him at night. I have grown to accept it and move on because I know that it only lasts a short while (well at least until second cutting, oh yeah and when it's time to chop corn...). I will have my normal husband back eventually, but I do miss him terribly when he's gone and I know K does too! Oh well, just another part of being the farmers wife!

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