Tuesday, June 1, 2010

follow up on midwife meet and about our anatomy scan!

I am being lazy this evening so here's a copy/paste of a bump post from today:

This past Thursday we switched practices and met our new midwifes for the first time, it was phenomenal and I absolutely adored the 3 women! I was so comfortable with all of them and it instantly felt like the right choice! S thinks they are very "free spirited women" (which my makes me giggle, I think he thinks they're hippies), but he said he felt more comfortable with them too and that he was happy that I was happy! So when I left the office the receptionist scheduled me for my next appointment on June 24th and then scheduled my u/s for the same day saying it would be the most convenient.

Over the weekend it really started to bug me that I would have to wait so long, I mean I'm already in my 21st week and that would put me at 24w5d. It just felt like too long to wait! Even though we're team green, I still want to know that baby is healthy! So today I called u/s so I could reschedule and the lady laughed saying she wouldn't want to wait that long either and scheduled me for Thursday! I am so exited I can't contain myself! Big Smile

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  1. I'm so very happy that you were able to get your US moved! It's great that the alligator is growing at an acceptable rate! It's also great that you enjoy the midwife better than the regular doctor. I'm glad you're happy now!