Thursday, June 24, 2010

Appointment with the Midwife = happy mommy!

As if I wasn't sure enough about our choice to switch to the practice of midwives in Sayre, I am now 1000% sold! We had our first official appointment today with the lead midwife in the practice and she and I instantly clicked! She's a 100% on board with my choice of trying to go natural and she's also beyond thrilled that I'm reading up on all the different subjects and taking control of my birth!

She kept saying over and over again "we're going to get along so perfectly!" and I know she's right! She even recommended two more books that I hadn't read yet that she knows I'll love! And she told me that the books I've been reading by Ina May Gaskin are the best books I could be reading, and that she's not just saying that because Ina May's a good friend! My midwife is friends with the midwife who has made history in the movement of natural childbirth... awesome!

I walked out of her office today feeling completely confident in not only her, but our relationship and knowing that she's going to help me have my best birth! And also even more confident in myself that I CAN do this. I can have a natural birth, I CAN do this!

*sighs* I am actually starting to get anxious for this little one to get here! I want to meet him or her! October needs to get here a little bit faster!!

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  1. To my darling daughter, words of wisdom from your momma!
    Don't be so anxious for this little miracle to come!
    I want you to enjoy and treasure each and every day that you are carrying it.
    It is truly the only time that you will have all to yourself with your baby. Once it is born you have to share it with everyone!
    It is a time that no one can really share with you (except for other women who have been through a pregnancy). It is a truly unique and amazing time in your life.
    I loved every day that I carried you, it was one of the most wonderful times in my life.
    So don't rush this baby, enjoy it, because once it is here it will be rushing you for the rest of your life!!! Love ya, Momma