Thursday, June 3, 2010

1lb 3oz

Baby Squishy had his/her anatomy scan today! Baby weighs in at 1lb 3oz and is in the 75th percentile for his/her weight! I am going to have a big baby!

The tech said that Squishy looks very healthy, has good measurements for heart, bladder, kidneys, and head size. He or she is just a bit of a porker! Squishy spent the entire ultrasound using my bladder as a trampoline, much to the amusement of the tech! Mommy on the other hand didn't find it cute since I already had a very full bladder and felt that I may pee myself at any moment! We got to bring home two pictures (see end of post) and while S is very creep-ed out by the face shot, we both are already so very in love with our little one!

We celebrated afterword by going shopping and buying a "mommy loves me" onesie with bears on the feet, and a "I love daddy" bib that matches, in neutral colors of course!

I will admit that I had my moments of doubt leading up the u/s today that maybe, just maybe, I wanted to know if Squishy is a boy or a girl. However I am so happy with my decision to stay Team Green and not find out until the moment that Squishy enters this world! As a note to all of you out there in real life who read this blog, be aware that I have a bad habit of calling
Squishy he or him. In no way shape or form do I know, it just keeps happening and I cannot control it! It's reflex, so please forgive me!

And now for the pictures....
ETA: I cannot post pictures right now for some reason or another... please check back later!

Side of Squishy's face!

Looking right at you, mouth open, and waving hello!

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