Friday, May 21, 2010

Survey time!

Total weight gain/loss: Not entirely sure because the doc I had yesterday was a DB!

Next Appointment: May 27th

Maternity clothes? nothing new!

Stretch marks: The ones on my tummy seem to be multiplying like bunnies! :(

Sleep: Has gotten much much better thanks to my maternity pillow! It truly is a godsend!

Best moment this week: much more frequent movement!

Movement: see above

Food cravings: Still Ice Tea!

Food aversions: nothing lately.

Gender: It's hard to say. Some days I think girl and others I'm completely sure that it's a boy! Guess we'll find out when he or she comes out into the world!

Belly Button in or out: still in!

What I miss
: The days when I only had to pee a couple times a day instead of a couple times an hour!

What I am looking forward to: Next appointment and some more movement!

Contractions: None. And it better stay that way for awhile!

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