Wednesday, May 12, 2010

18w 4d

TaDa! 18 weeks and 4 days!
I actually remembered to post it on time this time! It's a miracle! It's definitely growing and there's some serious definition from the front (not that you can see that from this picture!). It's so exciting to know that I don't have a belly from extra weight I have a belly because I'm growing a baby in there!!

Finally figured out my head ache dilemma! It turns out it's sinus pressure from my allergies. I started taking Sudafed today and low and behold.... no headache! AND I can breathe through my nose for the fist time in months! It's another miracle! On the plus side, so far this season this is the only allergy symptoms that I have had and usually I am such a dang mess this time of year I hate stepping foot out the door!

I've been having a terrible time with sleeping the past week or so! My hips and pelvic area are so sore and they pop and crack like an old persons joints! I tell ya I think I'm falling apart some mornings because all I hear is "snap" "pop" "crack"! I'm guessing it's just my hips adjusting and getting ready to make room for baby! I am going to invest in one of those pregnancy pillows this week so that I can get some rest at night. Most of the pregnant women that I've talked to say they absolutely LOVE theirs... so I'll give it a whirl! There's a picture of what they look like off to the right, kinda funky looking but if it works, who cares?!

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