Sunday, May 1, 2011


S and I went on our first real date night since K was born! We were originally going to the wedding of a girl I work with but there was no one else there from work and we both felt out of place since we didn't know anyone else, so we decided to go hang out somewhere else. We went to the local movie theater to see what was playing but there wasn't a movie starting for two hours so we went to have dinner. It was AMAZING! I had linguine with clams in red sauce and a sour apple martini! Oh it was sweet bliss! We really need to have more of these more often It's good for K to spend time with her aunt and uncle and it's so great for my sanity (and S's too) if we spend alone time now and then.

BIG THANK YOU to Aunt A and Uncle B for keeping the little women entertained last night!

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