Monday, September 27, 2010

I am so graceful.... NOT!

I am such a klutz, I fell walking to my car this morning! It was pouring down rain and we have this ramp thing that leads to where we park our cars and I KNOW that it gets really slippery but I just wasn't thinking! So the second I stepped on it, down I went! I landed on my butt with my left leg straight out and my right one tucked under me. Thankfully S was right behind me and could help me get up and back into the house!

I went straight up to our bedroom to change my soaked pants and laid right down. After a little while I came downstairs and called the midwife and she gave me a list of things to be on the watch for but thankfully none of them have appeared! I have spent the day taking it easy on the couch, staying well hydrated, and also took a long hot (but not too hot) bath!

I'm so happy that baby is OK and is moving around lots, but I have to say his/her movements are making me more sore right now! And my right hip really, really hurts! :(

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