Thursday, September 16, 2010


Had an appointment with the MW today. Baby is measuring ahead still (only by a week this time) and has been very very active! Got a crash course on breathing techniques just in-case I decide I want to try them. Also asked about internals, if I should expect for them to start soon, or if they don't routinely do them. MW said that they don't' like to do them until my due date because it causes unnecessary bleeding and cramping, which a lot of time in new mom's freaks them out! She said if I decide I want one at 39 weeks they'll do it at my request, but that it's not their normal practice. I also found out that they have a birthing stool available should I choose to try it, and a birthing ball that I can use not only in room but also in the shower.... and oh does that sounds so heavenly to me! On any given evening I can be found rolling on my yoga ball in the living room to help with the hip pain or soaking in the tub, so I'm pretty sure I'll be taking advantage of those tools!

That's all until next week!

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