Thursday, September 23, 2010

Appointment Update and a small rant!

We had our 37.5 week appointment today. Not to much to report back on... no exciting news of dilation or effacement (because my MW won't check until my due date) all of which bums me out immensely! However I still am having on and off contractions, both real and BH. MW told us that she estimates Squishy to be about 6lbs right now, which I think sounds perfect, S however is still insisting this is going to be a 10lb  baby... I WILL PROVE HIM WRONG! Stubborn, yes!

On a side note... tonight is a full moon! Old wives tales state that the full moon has an effect on the waters in your uterus making the full moon prime time for baby popping out. I am staking my full faith in the moon tonight and it's mystical ability to get this baby out! (Please dear God let those old bittys finally get something right!) To help it along I am also downing as much Raspberry Leaf Tea as I can possibly stomach, along with some pineapple, a long bath, bouncing on my exercise ball, and possibly a walk. Not to mention an insane amount of praying to the man upstairs that he will please just let this baby come out already!!

I know that nothing I can do will bring this baby out before he or she is good and ready, but it can't hurt to try right?!? HUMOR ME PEOPLE!!

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