Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Went shopping yesterday and got fabric to make my own Boppy covers... we shall see how that turns out! I haven't sewn since high school, but I was never that bad at it, it will be an adventure that's for sure! I also got these cute little plaster of paris figurines to go in the nursery and started painting those last night (pictures to come) and also stuff to make my own mobile!

Today I went to a book sale at a chruch in town and got a plastic bag full of childrens books! Squishy is going to have quite the library even before he or she is born! I guess that means I should get to staining that bookshelf my grandfather made me so that I have a place to put all of these books!

I am going to attempt to post my very first bump picture on here tonight. I can't tell if I'm showing yet or if it's just my "fluffiness" getting pushed around... but either way I guess it's baby causing it so it counts right? Check back later for pics!

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