Sunday, April 18, 2010

How I/We told...

Everyone usually wants to know how people were told, so here's those stories!

I told S just minutes after I peed on that very first stick (there were many more after that first one, I didn't believe it)! I went running to the barn, pajamas and all, to tell him. I found him in the milk house and was jumping up and down like crazy barely able to get the words out so I just shoved the stick in his face. He was a little confused at first, but when he caught on he grabbed ahold of me and hugged me! I don't think I've seen him that happy ever, a close second would be the night that he proposed! It was truly a beautiful day!

As for my parents... we made a huge deal out of it and told them on February 7th (SuperBowl Sunday). I started planning before hand and we came up with the idea of making matching t-shirts. Using printable iron-on kits I printed 10-10-10 on the front of both of the shirts and Mommy to Be and Daddy to Be on the back of each! We invited my parents up for brunch and wore the t-shirts with open zip-up hoodies over top. We were about 3/4 of the way through our meal when my mom started to notice. She was looking back and forth between S and I and I was pretending not to notice. Finally she asks "OK what's up with the shirts?" I told her that the back was the best part and she had to see it, so we both took off our hoodies and showed them the back. My mom read them out loud and instantly choked up and asked if there was something we wanted to tell them! It was such an amazing moment and they were so beyond happy for us both!

We also had plans that same afternoon with S's family at his Mom's house so we wore the shirts there also and went through the same routine. It was very crowded there but it was a mere 20 minutes before his sister spoke up and asked what was up. I shrieked "We're having a baby!" She was in complete and udder shock, screamed and hugged me back! There was a lot of commotion where word spread like wildfire to all corners of the house. I remember someone telling us that S's mom was outside having a smoke when we announced it and missed the whole thing. We felt terrible, but what could we do there were so many people there! They were all just as happy and emotional for us. We took time a little while later to call S's grandma in Texas and his sister in downstate Pennsylvania and a few days later made the trip up to see my grandparents and tell them!

Our families have been amazing and supportive so far and it's been so great to be able to share this experience so closely with all of them! Our baby is truly blessed to have so many people who already love him or her!

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