Thursday, April 22, 2010

At thebump on hump day (Wednesday's) we all post pictures of our bumps (Hump Day/Bump Day), so I will try to also make Wednesday's my bump day here in my blog too! I'm just a day late this time around! I was never a tiny girl and have put on quite a bit of weight over the last few years so I wasn't sure how soon I would start to show, but I think we can all agree that there is definitely a bump mixed in with all that "flubber"!

We had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. It went fine, just a normal check-up type of thing, pee in a cup, have your arm squeezed off by the blood pressure cuff, and let someone push on your stomach so hard that you think you may pee on them, you know just your normal stuff! Doc used the doppler and let us hear babe's heartbeat (which is nothing new for us since we have our own)! But the big news of the day is..... I LOST 2 POUNDS! I know you're thinking but you're pregnant aren't you supposed to gain weight? The thing about being overweight to start out with is that you are only supposed to gain AT MOST 15lbs your entire pregnancy. So the doctors told me that if I were to loose weight it would be a good thing, and Squishy would still be getting everything that she/he needs! So doc said he was very proud of me before we left today! Woohoo! Next appointment is scheduled for May 20th and at that appointment we'll schedule our next u/s where they will do the anatomy scan and make sure that Squishy is growing on track!

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