Thursday, February 9, 2012

Germs Be Gone!

Today was a day dedicated to sanitizing the house, most importantly K's toys! Hubby and I were both sick this week and K had a runny nose. As soon as we were all feeling better I felt the need to de-germ!

I grabbed a tote box, filled it up with hot water and 2 cups of white vinegar and in went everything from toy box that didn't have batteries! I even grabbed the tub toys and tossed them in too.

soaking the last of the tub toys.

I let them swim around in there while K and I set to scrubbing down the kitchen floor. I gave K her very own sponge and bowl full of water so she could help mommy. She was pretty soggy by then end, but my floor was nice and shiny!

After an hour (this was overkill they only need about 30 minutes), I pulled all the toys out and set them on a towel to dry.

While they were drying and K was napping, I cleaned the things that couldn't be submerged in water. I started with emptying all the remaining toys from the toy box, and then vacuumed it out. After that I sprayed everything down with my trusty squirt bottle of vinegar/water and wiped it clean before re-filling the toy box. I made sure to get everything, the ball pit, ride-on toys, doll house, Sit N Spin, and play mats. I also took all her books of the bookshelf and wiped those down too.

I felt pretty accomplished after this and exhausted too! Hopefully all those nasty cold germs are gone!

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