Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First Steps!

Ladies and Gentlemen K took her first steps over the weekend! S's family was gathered at Dee's house for a surprise birthday party for MomMom. While we were waiting for her to arrive K took three steps from me to her cousin A who was bribing her with snacks! We even caught it on video, and as soon as I can get it from my BIL I will upload it on here so you can watch.

Our Labor Day weekend was packed full of events. Bugs MomMom's 60th birthday is today (If you're reading this MomMom... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) so we decided to give her a party Saturday! It worked out so great, she had no idea it was coming, and we all had such a good time teasing her with "over the hill" presents and a birthday cake with exactly 60 candles on it! We got lots of pictures...

What's going on?
She couldn't believe we did that for her!

Pretty little Bug

Birthday Girl!
Our little walker!

Look what I got mom!
Looking out the window.

Cousins splashing in the rain!
Sunday we attended a memorial service for SIL's grandmother who passed away unexpectedly. Our thoughts and prayer have been with her family all week. Yesterday we had a Labor Day cookout at Dee's house again! Cooked burgers on the grill, some chicken and lots and lots of yummy side dishes! It was so nice to have most of the family together and enjoying the company of Miss Dee (who is practically family too)! Hope you all had a good weekend too!

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