Saturday, September 3, 2011

Weight Loss

I have written this post about a million and one times since Bug was born and each time I've gone to hit that "publish" button, I've chickened out! This time I have vowed not to, I need to write it, I need it out there in the world and I need to keep getting the support from those I know IRL and those I don't!

When I got pregnant with K I weighed 259 pounds. That's right, my little 5'3" self weighed that much! I hated it, but yet I did nothing about it either. I gained (thankfully) only 17 pounds while I was pregnant and when I gave birth I was 276. That was when the midwives told me that before I had another baby, if I wanted to deliver with them again, that I would need to lower my BMI drastically. The hospital had changed their policy in the last weeks of my pregnancy and they fought to keep me so that I wouldn't have to be switched to a high risk doctor for the last weeks. Before I get pregnant again I need to weigh less than 200 and preferably less than 190 or I would have to see a high risk doctor during my pregnancy and would have to deliver with them rather than my midwives. After my experience with the AMAZING group of midwives that I had, there is no way I'm having another baby without them. So, my journey started.

Given that I was breastfeeding, I had to keep my calorie intake at a certain level or fear loosing my supply, I couldn't make any drastic changes in my diet. It would have to be a slow, steady paced one. As soon as I had the clearance to start working out, I did. It wasn't much, just some stretching and Pilates in my living room. Remember I live in PA and gave birth in October, it was cold outside and I was going out there to walk! I will admit freely that I wasn't commited and my drive to excrise was lacking! I did a hit or miss exersie plan for most of the winter until the warmer weather kicked in. About March/April, I broke out the stroller and started walking up our hill and back (just over a mile). I huffed, and puffed but I stuck with it a few times a week until... well I just stopped. Over the spring/summer I did it off and on whenever the urge stuck me.

My diet, well I have to say, I haven't changed it much. I cut back on the sweets, I made a meal every night, and cut back on the soda and sugary drinks. I would go on kicks for about a week or so where I would eat healthier, but it never stuck. I honestly think the only thing that saved me was the breastfeeding, it burns some serious calories.

Over the summer, I discovered the world of Zumba! I LOVE it. LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! But I can't bring myself to do it when anyone else is in the house. My husband is one thing, but my father-in-law lives with us and the idea of him walking in and seeing me do it, is HORRIFYING!

Anyways, here we are, first week of September and I'm SO proud to say that I am down from 276 to 229. I have lost 47 pounds! I still have 41 more to go to reach my goal! However, my pants don't fit, my shirts hang off me  and I finally am starting to feel good. I notice a difference when I stand naked in front of the mirror, I notice a difference in my attitude, and most importantly I'm starting to feel like a woman again! Not just a blob, but like I have a figure! I know realistically I will never be the size 10, and 140lbs that I was back in high school (can you believe I thought I was fat back then?) but I will be so happy if I can trade in my size 24's for a size 16 (or less)! Right now I'm a 20 and they're getting loose!

So I charge out all out there, support me. Question me on where I am, tell me I'm looking better. Scold me if you must when I pick up a soda! Because the time is quickly approaching where I'm going to be ready for another baby, but I WILL NOT trade in my midwives! :)

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