Thursday, March 21, 2013

Scary Moment.

I had a very scary moment with Bug yesterday, I was in the living room with her helping clean up toys when I heard her start gagging from across the room. I looked up and she was choking on something, thankfully in the time it took me to cross the room to get her she coughed and vomited it up on her own and I didn't need to take any drastic measures. Turned out she had put one of the plastic cookies in her mouth from her play kitchen! It certainly scared the heck out of me though and needless to say that toy has been tossed!

It made me start wondering though how much baby and child First Aid I would remember in an emergency situation. I'm sure instinct would take over, but it's always good to refresh your memory now and then so off to Pinterest I went! How random is it that someone I follow had already pinned exactly what I was looking for? This is what I found First Aid for Babies and Children. I felt like it was a good quick review, good to read through step by step and remind me how to do it. There's even videos from the British Red Cross to show you how to perform CPR and the Heimlich Maneuver on infants and children.

I highly recommend every parent, grandparent, or caretaker take 5 minutes to go refresh their memories on how to perform these life saving measures! You never know when you may need it.

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  1. I agree every parent should know CPR! You never know when you will need it. I get certified every year (have to for work but would anyway since if you don't use it regularly you will forget how). You're a great mom always doing your best for your kids and so glad it wasn't more serious!