Tuesday, March 8, 2011

4 month well-check, a month late!

We finally got to have K's 4 month check up today, even though she'll be 5 months old on Sunday. Because of how sick she was with RSV this past month she was unable to have her shots so we had to put off her well-check. Little miss is 16lbs 8oz and 26 inches long, she's in the 85 percentile for both. The doctor said her heart murmur is definitely less noticeable than it was 2 months ago (yay)! Poor kid had to have two shots and an oral vaccine. I feel so sad when I see her little face react to the pain, but I know it's for her health. I truly think it's harder on me than her because as soon as it's over I nurse her and she seems to forget all about it!

We also got the o.k. to give her rice cereal and with in the next few weeks start her on baby food. I am so excited, S and I actually gave her her first taste of rice cereal a couple of days ago and she gobbled it up! Pictures to come soon of this escapade, I promise! As a matter of fact I have many, many pictures to upload and show you all. :)

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