Thursday, October 7, 2010


This has been amusing me tonight...
S's horoscope for this week!
"An unexpected package could arrive, possibly shipped from far away. The circumstances could be rather strange. Friends or relatives that you might not expect could suddenly show up, and you could spend a frantic hour or two organizing an impromptu party. This can be very gratifying, Virgo, but don't wear yourself out. Everyone should have a good time no matter what."

Mine for this week!
"Watch your words, Gemini. Mercury, your ruler, is square Pluto on Tuesday, and you could say something to an associate that you'll regret if you aren't careful. Consider zipping your lip! Inspiration will be on tap on Thursday. Artistic pursuits will be a main pastime. Set long-term goals on Saturday. You're too focused on daily activities. It's important to remember that tomorrow will come. Prepare for the future this weekend. Adventure beckons on Sunday. You'll be ready to experience bold adventures" 

Interesting... I think so!!

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