Monday, January 14, 2013

No TV Day!

Today S made a declaration that today be a "no TV day". I was shocked. Usually he is such a TV addict, but we've been talking about how often Bug has wanted to watch movies lately and really felt we might be letting it become a problem.

So all day today there has been no TV, movies or Netflix allowed in our house, and it's been wonderful! Today was one of those days where S "took off" a few hours from chores and spent time with us. We made a late breakfast after he got in from the barn and ate together at the kitchen table, played blocks together on the floor and daddy and Bug played a few of her learning games on the Kindle together. We really have to do this more often!

As for Bug's TV time, I think there's going to be some new rules set. When S gets in from he barn tonight he and I will discuss it and come up with what we feel are reasonable amounts of TV/movie time for her to have in a day.


  1. Replies
    1. She is allowed 2 hours of TV time in the morning after breakfast. Gives mommy some time to drink her coffee and resemble something other than a zombie! Then no TV the rest of the day until after daddy goes to the barn in the evenings. She'll be allowed to watch a movie or show with me. I figure in the coming months by the time 5pm rolls around I'm going to be exhausted and it will give us some quiet time.