Saturday, November 12, 2011

attachment, self soothing, blah blah blah!

I have failed somewhere along the way to teach my daughter how to soothe herself. I don't know how or when but when this child is upset about something the ONLY way to calm her, is to nurse her. Which is heart-wrenching to a mommy who is attempting to do some weaning! If something wakes her up during a nap or in the night she is wide awake and there is nothing (NOTHING) I can do to calm her down, except nurse her. No amount of mommy shushing her, rocking her, telling her it will be ok, or back rubbing calms her down. It mostly just serves to piss her off even more. I don't know how we got here. Well, I do. I just can't imagine that I let it get here. I hoped that I could get her attached to something to help this process along. We tried a ribbie blanky, a stuffed animal, and a blanket, none of which she ever showed any interest in. We started putting them in her crib and putting my scent on them around 8 months and she could have cared less. I'm the only thing that can calm her. OH BOY!!

Am I the only mom who thinks things like "With the next baby I will do this, this and this" or "I have to remember to this differently next time so that we don't encounter 'X' situation"? I can't be, we have to learn from our "mistakes" right? Ugh. I hate writing posts like this because I feel like I'm admitting I was wrong, but I guess it's a growing and learning experience. Admitting I was wrong was never something I was good at before, I would fight to the bitter end, even knowing I was wrong just because I REFUSED to admit it. So I guess this is therapy! *wink, wink*

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  1. EVERY parent has these moments! No parent is perfect all you can do is learn from your mistakes (and sorry to tell you but there will be mistakes with number two also - just different mistakes:))