Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Shower!

Our first baby shower was this past Sunday, hosted by my mother. She did a great job! It was such a fun time and so great to see lots of people that I hadn't seen since around Christmastime. Baby Squishy got so many things and Mommy isn't sure where to put them all! We are truly blessed to be loved by so many!

S and I with our cake!

The cake that my uber talented mom made!

All of Baby Squishy's presents!

Basket full of books from my Aunt!

Adorable onesie from Aunt A that says "If you think I'm pretty you should see my Mommy!"

Blanket made by one of the ladies from church!

Bunting made by my grandmother!

A bib made by my little cousin on her first sewing machine!

Baby Einstein Jumper given to us by a group of my mom's friends!

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