Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Ultrasound photos!

I just realized that I never posted our ultrasound pictures! I've been a HORRIBLE blogger lately, I'm sorry. I promise I'm going to make more of an effort, even with the Christmas season upon us!

This is from our dating and confirmation ultrasound on September 18th, I was almost 8 weeks.

These two are from an ultrasound I had done on October 30th, I was 12weeks and 4 days.
face picture, the umbilical cord is crossing in front of his/her face.
whole body picture, again the umbilical cord is crossing right in front.
We have our big mid-pregnancy anatomy scan coming up before the end of this month and we should know if this little Squirt is a boy or a girl! I am anxiously waiting and can't wait to show you all our big reveal!

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