Monday, June 18, 2012


Bug and I are participating in a Readathon sponsored by MeMeTales and PBSKids.

I am so excited for us to start today! I downloaded the free MeMeTales app on my Kindle Fire and we instantly received twenty free e-books to read together. Each week there's a newsletter and activities to go along with the books, and each week has a different theme.
  • Week 1 – Animal Fun
  • Week 2 – Friendship
  • Week 3 - Character Development
  • Week 4 – Imagination
  • Week 5 – The Green earth
  • Week 6 – Global Cultures 

Bug will earn stickers/points each week for the books that we read and at the end of 6 weeks she'll earn a certificate for being a part of the Readathon. She's a bit young to really understand the concept behind this all but she LOVES reading books on my Kindle and I know she'll have fun with all these different books at her fingertips.

Check back to see all the fun activities we're going to do with each week's theme!

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  1. You are such an awesome mom!! I love how you do so much "hands-on" activities and things to always keep her busy and brain gears rolling:) I also just love all the ideas I can get from you.

  2. We're doing it, too! Kid1 loved the Indian music with The Lion and the Mouse! ;)