Friday, October 21, 2011

A MONTH! (picture heavy)

Good Lord, how has it been a month since the last time I was here? For two weeks I was without a computer, our darn cord shorted out or something and we couldn't get a charge. Before that I've just been so busy planning K-bugs birthday party I haven't had time to sit and think. I also started my own business, I don't think I've told you that before. Search for me on Facebook it's called The Littlest Ladybug. I make tutu's, bows, bow holders, etc...

Anyways I'm back and I promise not to ditch you all again, because I just know how much you can't live without me. (HAHA very funny, I'm sure like all of 5 people actually read this thing!) Let's see what I can catch you all up on... we still haven't had K's birthday pictures done, we've had to re-schedule about three times thanks to all this lovely weather. We did however get our own shots of her cake smash... FABULOUS!

On the 26th S and I celebrated our second anniversary! We got to go out to dinner, just the two of us! K stayed here at the farm with her Uncle Ian and Aunt Danielle. I think she has a blast, slept like a rock that night! We also finally have the living room done! Walls are painted, carpet is installed, and all the furniture is arranged just the way I want it. I still have things to hang on the walls but I haven't picked just where I want it all yet!

Like I mentioned this past Saturday was Bug's first birthday party. It was fantastic! She was blessed with so many of the people we love all around us and more gifts than we know what to do with! And if I may say so myself she looked completely precious in the outfit that I made for her!

Now, on to the pictures!!

Our new living room!
K-bug's new play area!
helping daddy put the legs on the couch!
Pumpkin Patch!

K and her cousins
princess in a pumpkin patch
"oooohh pumpkins!"

goofy girl!

K-Bugs First Birthday!

Birthday girl and I
Recordable story book from MomMom
Bug loving on some of her clothes
"What else is in the bag, mommy?"
kissing her LeapFrog Violet from mommy and daddy
Birthday Princess!
The Princes and her birthday feast!
this cupcake is yummy!
the cake and pumpkin cupcakes!
K sporting her birthday wardrobe all made by mommy!

Cake Smash Photo Session! 

Bring on the cake!
going for it!
Standing on her cake!

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